Schofield 6” Pellet Revolver Black(VERY POWERFUL)

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Schofield 6” Pellet Revolver Black

Schofield 6” Pellet Revolver black

Here is a beautiful replica of the Smith & Wesson revolver n ° 3, straight out of Western movies. In order to stick even more reality, ASG has designed this revolver in full metal with its stick covered with platelets “real wood effect”.

It has fixed sighting devices : a V-shaped notch for the rise and a rounded blade as a handlebar at the end of the barrel.

A bolt in the form of a button located at the back of the revolver makes it possible to secure the shots manually.

The strong points:
  • Very Powerful: 4 joules
  • 6 shots
  • Beautiful finishes
  • This Revolver was manufactured to try to respect the original weapon which is the smith & Wesson model 3, every detail has been worked to give this realistic aspect.

    This pellet gun with its steel body, with a beautiful black finish.

    This shotgun revolver, works with a 12 gram CO2 cartridge that fits in the butt after removing the imitation wood plate.

    This model that fires only in single action, like the original model, thus requiring to arm the dog to be able to fire the 6 shots of the barrel.

    Technical characteristics:

    • Caliber: 4.5 mm diabolo
    • Propulsion system: CO2
    • Capacity: 6 shot barrel
    • Power: 4 joules
    • Total length: 32 cm
    • Width 4 cm
    • Height 13.5 cm
    • Weight 1.09 Kg
    Mark ASG
    Propulsion CO2
    Projectile type Weights
    Power 4 joules
    Loader capacity 6 shots
    Velocity 121 m / s
    Barrel length 150 mm
    Total length 320 mm
    Category pellet
    Interior finish smooth barrel
    Weight 1,000
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