Aarmr Tornado Rage Air rifle .177 Cal-Black

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Original price was: ₹20,000.00.Current price is: ₹11,499.00.

•Brand-Aarmr sports


•Weight-3.8 kg

•Size- 45 inches/3.9ft





•Power:1200 fps

•sound cork can be used- Yes

•Powered by-Spring piston

•Action-break barrel

•number of shots at a time-1

(Free pellets and sound cork inculed)



1. Spring Action Break Barrel.

2. Trigger Fully Adjustable.

3. Trigger Pull Adjustable from 300Gms – 2kg

4. 3- Ball Locking Mechanism for Trigger Life of more than 10 years.

5. Cheek Pad Intigrated Stock.

6. Ergonomic Grip with Improved Trigger design.

7. Auto Safety Lever – Air Gun will not fire unless the Barrel is closed.

8. Poly Ethylene spring guide which decrease recoil by 70%.

9. Water Resistant space age multi colour ceramic coated.

10. Stock made up of age resistant nylon 66 fibre.Specifications:-

Calibre:- 0.177′

Rifled Barrel Length: 18’/460mm

Muzzle Velocity: 1150 fps

Muzzle Energy: less than 20 joules

Locking Efforts: 17 kg

Weight: 3.5kgDovetail for telescopeaarmr tornado air gun,



13 reviews for Aarmr Tornado Rage Air rifle .177 Cal-Black

  1. kartik

    Best looking I love it

  2. Raja

    Good aarmr gun

  3. luckysharmagarg (verified owner)

    Nice and beautiful,the trigger is very soft
    Very powerful gun

  4. luckysharmagarg (verified owner)

    Very fast delivery,but you dont give me free rifle cover or sling belt

  5. namish_mudgal (verified owner)

    Extremely satisfied with delivery process and the product. A very powerful rifle, best for target practice. Trigger is very soft too, but safety lock is missing. It should be there in such a powerful rifle.

  6. Vikas M

    Nicely made Indian AR that is sturdy😍 ,It is easy to cock this air rifle, Weight, ergonomics, power, accuracy all are Perfect, Shoulders well and and is very accurate without the scope,I particularly like the thumbhole,🎆Sound is loud compare to my Xena,💰For the price this gun is an excellent enty. 🙏Best support form Invincible team….❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. Arv

    Invincibleone providing all stuff on lowest price with good quality and fast delivery.
    This rifle is extremely good, build quality is perfect. Only safety lock is missing but rest is absolutely perfect. This rifle is beating the other forgien rifle brands in less than half price.

  8. faisalkhan8878

    Very Powerful And Accurate Air Rifle.
    Invincible One Is a Trusted Seller With Lowest Prices Than Others. Service Is Too Good
    Packaging Is Excellent, Very Fast Delivery, Return Policy Is Good.
    Don’t Think Twice Go For Invincible One.

  9. Khursheed Ahamad

    Aarmr tornado air gun is the best Indian air rifle. Invincible One is a trusted seller with lowest price than others. Service is too Good.

  10. Abdul Latif Sheikh (verified owner)

    Aarmr Tornado Very satisfied with delivery process and the product. A very powerful rifle, best for target practice. Trigger is very soft too, but safety lock is missing. It should be there in such a powerful rifle. But Carry Sling is missing in package.
    And accepted to be deliver with next order.

  11. R Saikia (verified owner)

    The product was delivered in time and was well packaged in a sturdy thermocol case with both ends protected with corrugated sheet. But it would be better if the whole thermocol case is wrapped in corrugated sheet. This AR is a beauty, finished in all matt black. It feels heavy but weight is well distributed. The package includes a box of 400 free pellets and two boxes of free sound cork along with a complementary gun cover which is quite well made. Have fired the AR only a couple of times and I’m quite impressed by the power. Haven’t caliberated the sights or checked the accuracy till now. One should not mistake this to be just a harmless ‘air gun’ to be used for fun or just plinking odd targets. Pls be careful as this AR really is very powerful. Even the free pellets supplied with Aarmr Tirnado Rage AR neatly managed to dig out a chunk of plaster measuring 1.25 inches in diameter and around 7-8 mm depth from a wall when fired from a distance of over 60 feet! This indicates it’s power. Not only can it kill birds but even animals like monkey. Not to speak of serious injury to people in case hit accidently. So, one should be very careful while using this AR and handle it with utmost responsibility. I would suggest to use this powerful AR only in secluded and isolated places free of population or in firing ranges only.

  12. Jobless Engineer

    Very good rifle
    Thank you invincibleone

  13. Anil Naik

    Aarmr tornado.Very powerful rifle. Baught bushnell scope.good one. Good service from invincible.

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